For the Record: The Boston Blueprint

March 28, 2016 0

  The Islamic Society of Boston mosques have been home to 11 members, including the Tsarnayev brothers, who are either dead, in jail, or on […]

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Losing Our Sons

October 14, 2015 0

A searing true story from America’s heartland, Losing Our Sons tells of two American families whose lives intersected through a shattering act of violence – […]

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Al Qaeda’s Base at MIT

May 10, 2015 0

MIT Muslim chaplain Suheil Laher used his leadership of the MIT Muslim Students Association as a vehicle for raising money for Al Qaeda causes around […]

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The J Street Challenge

March 23, 2015 0

The J Street Challenge is an important and timely documentary about a significant issue facing the American Jewish community. Since it was founded in 2008, […]

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Buffaloed by Khalid Qazi

July 17, 2014 0

Eric Holder’s Justice Department Honors Buffalo-Based Al Qaeda Charity Fundraiser, Director of Pakistani Spy Front Group Khalid Qazi with Top Community Service Award. Help us […]

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Islamist Extremism and Terrorism in Boston

December 4, 2013 0

In 2004, the Boston Globe printed an editorial by its editors claiming that once built, the extremist-led Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center mosque would […]

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