Jewish Activist Exposes Failed Rochester Federation

June 22, 2021 APT 0

A Jewish awakening: activist calls out failed Jewish leadership in national Jewish press Yesterday, Patti Munter, a courageous, long-time Jewish activist published a blistering, passionate exposé of her […]

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Jewish Leaders Take Aim at Failed ADL

June 15, 2021 APT 0

John Podhoretz savages Jonathan Greenblatt; David Harris stealthily indicts him Last week, John Podhoretz, editor of Commentary magazine, American Jewry’s cultural and political monthly, and David Harris, head of […]

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“The Boston Globe” Goes Full Anti-Semite

May 26, 2021 APT 0

A cartoon sure to make a Nazi smile For decades, The Boston Globe has defamed and harangued Israel. For countless examples of biased, inaccurate, and even hateful “reporting,” see […]

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