Khudairi at CVE Summit
20 Feb 2015

Extremists Attending Obama’s “Countering Extremism” Summit

(Originally published at by ILYA FEOKTISTOV & CHARLES JACOBS | 18 Feb 2015 As the White House Countering Violent Extremism Summit is entering its second day, the names of some of the participants are leaking out and raising concerns. This is especially true of the Boston delegation – one

Prosecutor of Al Qaeda terrorist Tarek Mehanna giving certificate of appreciation to supporter of Al Qaeda terrorist Tarek Mehanna
15 Feb 2015

Obama White House Partners with Radical Group for “Countering Violent Extremism” Summit

(This article was originally published on by ILYA FEOKTISTOV & CHARLES JACOBS | 15 Feb 2015 On Wednesday, February 18th, the Obama White House will showcase what it considers its counter-terrorism successes at the Countering Violent Extremism Summit. It must be said that Obama’s “countering violent extremism” formulation is

APT WashTimes FP
11 Feb 2015

APT Full Page Ad in the Washington Times

Click on the ad to learn more about APT’s “Countering Violent Deception” campaign. Click here to download a high resolution version.

wati article image
11 Feb 2015

Washington Times Column: Countering Violent Deception

By Charles Jacobs and Ilya Feoktistov – – Tuesday, February 10, 2015 President Obama’s project to “combat violent extremism,” to be showcased in a Washington “summit” on Feb. 18, cites Boston as one of three model cities that can lead the way. That will be a problem: The central Muslim