13 Jun 2018

Parents Outraged at anti-Semitic All-Day Newton North Event: Turmoil at School Board Meeting

Shouts of “Fire the Superintendent!” Angry parents and citizens dominated the first hour of a scheduled Newton Public School board meeting on Monday night, in an effort to show their disgust and rage at the continued teaching of bias against Israel that has been the focus of controversy in this leafy, heavily Jewish

10 Jun 2018

Join our protest this Monday in Newton, MA

The Jewish community was promised by the Newton School Committee that all offending Middle East curricula would be removed from the schools until new materials, vetted by professionals, could be secured or created. This promise proved to be false. APT’s Public Request for Information revealed that the same sort of materials we

27 Feb 2015

Anti-Israel Bias in American High Schools – Multi-Media Presentation by Dr. Charles Jacobs

APT President Charles Jacobs presents data on anti-Israel education at Newton Public Schools in Massachusetts and at the Friends Seminary in New York.

22 May 2014

Newton schools still teaching from anti-Semitic text officials claimed removed

New information has surfaced regarding the Newton Public School controversy. Compelled to comply with state law, the school’s administrators recently were forced to release an initial batch of 9th- and 10th-grade history lesson plans used to teach about the Middle East. Most of the information, initially withheld from the public

07 Feb 2014

New Ad Shows More Examples of Anti-Semitic “Lessons” in Newton High Schools

Lessons whitewash Hamas, promote the destruction of the Jewish state as a legitimate solution to the Arab-Israel conflict. Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) has placed a two-page ad in the Jewish Advocate rebuking Boston’s Jewish leaders for assuring parents and tax-payers that there is no problem with anti-Semitism and

20 Jan 2014

Readers respond to rabbis’ attack on Jewish Advocate

On January 10, 61 mistaken Massachusetts rabbis issued a Soviet-style mass-signature denunciation letter against the Boston Jewish Advocate for its honest reporting on the Newton schools anti-Israel curriculum controversy. The rabbis were upset that the Advocate dared to call “into question the truthfulness and integrity of some of the finest and most

13 Jan 2014

APT Response to the Anti-Defamation League’s Report on the Newton Curriculum

APT has published a detailed response to the “ADL Review of Allegations Against Newton Schools,” released on December 30, 2013. The ADL review is weakly researched and contains blatant falsehoods and telling omissions. It’s hard to understand why the ADL would produce such a poor quality report; and why it

02 Dec 2013

APT runs ads in multiple Massachusetts newspapers about hateful education materials in Newton schools

Starting Wednesday, October 23, Americans for Peace and Tolerance will begin to run ads in Massachusetts area newspapers calling on Newton Public Schools to remove hateful education materials from their curricula. The ads urge taxpayers to contact Newton School Committee Chair Matt Hills and Mayor Setti Warren and express their

26 Nov 2013

Misleading Maps of Israel and Palestinian Territories

  Newton Public Schools use a series of four maps in teaching students the Arab-Israel conflict that falsely depict Israel as progressively stealing Palestinians’ land. The maps insinuate that there used to be a country called “Palestine,” when in reality the region labelled “100% of Historic Palestine” shown in Map

14 Nov 2013

Parent Speaks Out on Saudi Hate Materials Taught in Newton MA Schools

We are concerned Newton, MA parents and taxpayers who are calling on the Newton Public Schools to end the incorporation of Saudi-funded hate materials into Newton school curricula. Our Objectives are: 1. Convincing the Newton School Committee to instruct the Newton Schools Superintendent in developing policies and procedures ensuring that