16 Jan 2020

FLASH! “The New York Times” Cites Newton Public Schools as Part of a National Anti-Semitism Trend

Newton’s anti-Jewish curriculum scandal makes it to the pages of The New York Times In a groundbreaking New York Times op-ed, two prominent Reform rabbis describe the workings of a movement to demonize Israel now widely found in high school curricula across the nation. They identified the anti-Israel high school curriculum at Newton

15 Jan 2020

“Commentary” Magazine Chief to ADL’s Greenblatt: “There Will Be a Reckoning”

New APT podcast series: exposing and rebuking failed Jewish leadership APT’s view — about the failure of establishment Jewish leadership — is spreading and gaining ground. In addition to our YouTube channel, APT has now launched a new podcast series hosted by Dr. Charles Jacobs, focusing on the issues and threats facing the Jewish community today. In

13 Jan 2020

APT’s New Book on Radical Boston Mosque Reviewed by Ronn Torossian in “The Algemeiner”

Review of APT’s groundbreaking book on Boston’s terrorist mosque Our just-published exposé of the Muslim Brotherhood mega-mosque in Boston is getting praised in reviews in the Jewish press. Today, Ronn Torossian of top PR firm 5W reviews it in The Algemeiner. Read the review here. Terror in the Cradle of

09 Jan 2020

Jewish Orgs Led Push for Bail Reform Law That’s Now Setting Anti-Semites Loose in New York

New York Jewish leaders enabled attacks on Jews Thanks in part to New York’s new bail reform law, Jews are being beaten in the streets of New York with impunity. The law eliminates bail and requires pre-trial release for those charged with many violent and heinous crimes, such as second-degree manslaughter, aggravated vehicular homicide, criminal possession of a

07 Jan 2020

Charles Jacobs: There Must Be a Jewish Awakening — Our Leaders Have Failed Us

We need a Jewish Spring! We must look reality in the face: the Jewish community is under assault and it must replace its current conflicted, flaccid, cowardly leadership. Dr. Charles Jacobs calls for Jews to openly challenge our failed leaders. Watch or listen.

31 Dec 2019

WATCH: Gentiles Protecting Jews in NYC

Guardian Angels leader: Jewish leaders “need to develop a set of onions” The wonderful Guardian Angels have come to the Jewish neighborhoods of New York to protect the Jews again — because our leaders have failed. Curtis Sliwa, leader of the Angels, is a hero. Almost 20 years ago, in 2001, he

31 Dec 2019

Had Enough? Help Us Challenge, Reform, or Replace Failed Jewish Leadership

We are in a crisis: the American Jewish community may fail without different, courageous leadership For decades now, the unelected heads of the major national and local Jewish organizations have failed to confront the growing threats to our community. Their failures — noted below — have placed us in danger. The Federations,

26 Dec 2019

The Jewish Community Will Fail — Unless We Replace Our Failed Leadership

The call for a Jewish Awakening As we enter 2020, we can no longer be in denial of a harsh truth: We are under siege. We are under constant and mounting assault — in the streets, in the media, on the campus, and increasingly in Congress. Yet those responsible for defending the community — the leaders of the Jewish establishment have failed, and they have

22 Dec 2019

APT’s New Book Reveals…

Terror in the Cradle of Liberty — just released! Encounter Books has just published a book by APT Executive Director Ilya Feoktistov, which describes in detail how the Muslim Brotherhood established a base in Boston, known as the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB), in order to radicalize the historically moderate Muslim community in

25 Nov 2019

U.N. “Human Rights” Council Now Includes a Country Which Enslaves Black People

WATCH: Why is a nation where blacks are slaves sitting on the U.N. “Human Rights” Council? In one of the most shameful international scandals to date, the U.N.’s so-called “Human Rights Council” has just voted to include among its member nations not just one more tyrannical anti-democratic country, but a nation