17 Aug 2019

Al Sharpton Betrayed the African Slaves He Promised to Help — The Inside Story

Al Sharpton promised to help liberate black slaves in Sudan — then he double-crossed them In 2001, the Reverend Al Sharpton travelled to Sudan to witness the liberation of black slaves captured in jihad raids on African Christian villages. Sharpton spoke with the freed slaves and promised them he would make

13 Aug 2019

ADL is Failing to Protect and Defend the Jewish Community — Support APT

Click here to view our ad. APT takes action where Jewish leadership has lost its way The recent surge of hostility toward the American Jewish community is becoming harder to deny. More necessary than ever is a competent Jewish leadership, one which understands the threats we face and has a

04 Aug 2019

ADL Flees from its Own Research Showing Islamic Jew-Hatred Poses Enormous Dangers

Dr. Andrew Bostom’s recent presentation to the ZOA reveals how the ADL hid its own research on Islamic anti-Semitism. Did the ADL deem its findings too “Islamophobic?” Has America’s venerable Jewish defense agency simply become a Democratic Party operation? Dr. Andrew Bostom, author of several books on Islamic anti-Semitism, reveals

24 Jul 2019

Jerusalem Post: Newton Jewish Leaders Failing to Protect the Community

Jerusalem Post: Prominent journalist Gil Troy takes Newton’s leftist Jewish leaders to task for their malfeasance in the Newton school scandal, while praising APT’s doggedness in fighting for Newton’s Jewish students The Jerusalem Post piece follows the original story in Tablet magazine documenting the Boston ADL and JCRC’s cowardly behavior that betrayed the

19 Jul 2019

Leading Jewish Magazine, “Tablet,” Exposes a Decade of Failure by the ADL and JCRC in Boston

High schools are indoctrinating students against Israel and the Jewish people In a significant article, Tablet magazine reports on a scandalous failure of leadership by the organized Jewish community in Boston. For almost a decade, Jewish leaders have ignored direct pleas by Newton parents and students to speak out against bias

16 Jul 2019

APT Re-Releases Alberto Nisman’s Report Fingering Iran on 25th Anniversary of the AMIA Bombing

For the 25th anniversary of the Buenos Aires AMIA bombing, APT re-releases murdered prosecutor’s report proving Iran was behind the anti-Jewish mass slaughter On July 18, Jews will gather at the Argentinian consulate in New York City to mourn the victims of the mass murder of 85 Argentinian citizens, mostly

28 Jun 2019

Jewish Bigs Admit: We Won’t Act against American Imams Who Preach “Kill the Jews”

Even when “moderate” Muslim leaders preach “Kill the Jews,” Jewish leaders refuse to act Yigal Carmon created the translation service MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) to help prevent Westerners from being hoodwinked by Arabic speakers who sound moderate in English, but who speak their true minds in Arabic to

02 Jun 2019

Unconstitutional Islamic Education in Our Schools: Warning Signs 30 Years Ago

Video from 1989: the “long-range process of making… all of America Muslim” through education (Video transcript below.) There are increasing numbers of reports from around the country that public high schools are using curricula which promote Islam, even to the point of having students perform Islamic prayers and rituals. The promotion of

11 Apr 2019

Antisemitism Lawsuit against Newton Schools Expanded to Include Violation of First Amendment

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 11, 2019 Contact Ilya Feoktistov, Executive Director, Americans for Peace and Tolerance: [email protected] ANTISEMITISM LAWSUIT AGAINST NEWTON SCHOOLS EXPANDED TO INCLUDE VIOLATION OF FIRST AMENDMENT Students Forced to Perform Islamic Rituals; Taught Qur’an Divine, Bible Forged NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS. Taxpayers suing to stop anti-Israel and anti-Semitic history

11 Apr 2019

Jewish Newton High School Students Stand Up to Anti-Israel Curriculum

For years, residents of Newton, Massachusetts, had raised deep concern over anti-Israel, anti-American, and pro-Islamic curriculum being taught in the local public high schools, but were stonewalled and dismissed by the school committee as well as Boston-area Jewish leadership. One of the reasons the schools and the community gave for