Dr. Charles Jacobs

bostonfreedomAmericans for Peace and Tolerance is headed by Dr. Charles Jacobs, named by the Forward as one of America’s top 50 Jewish leaders. Jacobs has founded and led several highly successful organizations characterized by groundbreaking ideas and initiatives. In 1989, Jacobs co-founded the Boston branch of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America. In 1993, together with Muslim and Christian Africans, Jacobs founded the American Anti-Slavery Group, dedicated to bringing international attention to the enslavement of black Africans in Sudan. For his efforts, Jacobs was presented with the Boston Freedom Award by Coretta Scott King and the Mayor of Boston.

In 2002, Jacobs co-founded The David Project, which has since grown into a premier international educational institute that works to bolster the Jewish community’s response to the ideological assault on Israel with educational programs, advocacy training, and easy to implement campaigns on campuses, in high schools, churches, the media, and in the general community.

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  1. Dr. Jacobs: My name is Bob Radus. I live in Laguna Woods, CA. I watched your presentation on the Middle East Forum on Tuesday, April 5th. I was a supporter of HIAS until I learned more about their change in direction, mainly for economic reasons, and I am firmly against illegal and un-vetted immigration.

  2. Just purchased your signed copy of 2010 Taek Back America A Battle Plan written by Dick Morris & Eileen McGann. I found your business card in the book and that led me here. I choose to read and watch a very diverse amount of news, and enjoy seeing the suppressed news even more. I am hoping that President Trump returns in 2024 and I wanted to start working my way thru Dick Morris’s viewpoint of the gears of Washington as he has been there for many years and is well aware of the horse trading that goes on along with the Left Turn the Democrat Party has taken, which is destroying it from within.

  3. Mr Jacobs I’ll watch you on a show on JBS and I’ve got to tell you I was very impressed sir we have a saying here in Texas and it goes like this you have hit the nail on the head ! with your statements you are spot on sir

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