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On American campuses today, many Jewish students who grew up with expectations of equality, inclusion, and a nurturing learning environment, are saddened to discover a harsh and ugly reality, one which is mostly ignored by college officials. 

The hostility toward Jewish students on campus is part of a larger change within academia, which has embraced radical social activism, ideological indoctrination, and coerced conformity.  

The film illustrates how anti-Semitism is being made fashionable at many American universities through the on-going academic de-legitimization of Israel, the normalization of hatred in the name of social justice,  and massive donations of Arab oil money to universities.

Hate Spaces includes commentary and analysis from distinguished writers and academics including Professors Alan Dershowitz of Harvard, William Jacobson of Cornell and Richard Landes of Boston University, along with journalists Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal, and Caroline Glick of The Jerusalem Post.

Morally Confused Rabbi Howard Jaffe Enables CAIR Fundraising at Temple

APT exposed an event at Temple Isaiah in Lexington, Massachusetts where Rabbi Howard Jaffe allowed a CAIR official to raise money from his congregation. According to the ADL and the FBI, CAIR was founded as a Hamas fundraising front group. Hamas proclaims all Jews must be killed. Hamas murders Jews. Helping CAIR officials raise funds is unacceptable. Rabbis cannot demand to be above criticism, especially when they engage in politics.

JNS article describing the event

ADL statement concerning CAIR

IPT News report on the FBI severing ties with CAIR

Hamas Charter (August 18, 1988)

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11 Apr 2019

Antisemitism Lawsuit against Newton Schools Expanded to Include Violation of First Amendment

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 11, 2019 Contact Ilya Feoktistov, Executive Director, Americans for Peace and Tolerance: [email protected] ANTISEMITISM LAWSUIT AGAINST NEWTON SCHOOLS EXPANDED TO INCLUDE VIOLATION OF FIRST AMENDMENT Students Forced to Perform Islamic Rituals; Taught Qur’an Divine, Bible Forged NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS. Taxpayers suing to stop anti-Israel and anti-Semitic history

11 Apr 2019

Jewish Newton High School Students Stand Up to Anti-Israel Curriculum

For years, residents of Newton, Massachusetts, had raised deep concern over anti-Israel, anti-American, and pro-Islamic curriculum being taught in the local public high schools, but were stonewalled and dismissed by the school committee as well as Boston-area Jewish leadership. One of the reasons the schools and the community gave for

22 Mar 2019

Newton Residents Sue City’s School Committee, Superintendent of Schools, Principals, and Teachers for Discrimination against Jews and Israelis

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 19, 2019 Contact Ilya Feoktistov: [email protected] NEWTON RESIDENTS SUE CITY’S SCHOOL COMMITTEE, SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS, PRINCIPALS, AND TEACHERS FOR DISCRIMINATION AGAINST JEWS AND ISRAELIS Ideological / Political Curriculum Teaches Propaganda Instead of Facts NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS. On March 12, 2019, Newton taxpayers filed a lawsuit in Middlesex

26 Dec 2018

APT’s “Hate Spaces” Film Screened in the Largest Muslim Country

The Tolerance Film Festival selected Hate Spaces for inclusion in its 2018 screening. The film was screened to a sold-out crowd of about 200 people.

13 Jun 2018

Parents Outraged at anti-Semitic All-Day Newton North Event: Turmoil at School Board Meeting

Shouts of “Fire the Superintendent!” Angry parents and citizens dominated the first hour of a scheduled Newton Public School board meeting on Monday night, in an effort to show their disgust and rage at the continued teaching of bias against Israel that has been the focus of controversy in this leafy, heavily Jewish

10 Jun 2018

Join our protest this Monday in Newton, MA

The Jewish community was promised by the Newton School Committee that all offending Middle East curricula would be removed from the schools until new materials, vetted by professionals, could be secured or created. This promise proved to be false. APT’s Public Request for Information revealed that the same sort of materials we

26 May 2017

Anti-Semitism at UC Irvine: where is the Jewish leadership?

First published in The Times of Israel For well over a decade now, pro-Palestinian students on college campuses have turned the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into one of the biggest hot-button topics in our universities. The result has been a campus climate of bullying and intimidation directed against our Jewish students. As

03 Feb 2017

Jewish student at Wisconsin college receives note: ‘You should be gassed’

First published in The Times of Israel A Jewish student at Beloit College in Wisconsin was targeted twice with anti-Semitic messages, including a threatening note. Last Friday, an anti-Semitic note was found under the door of the student’s dorm room, and earlier this month, a swastika was painted on a


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