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On American campuses today, many Jewish students who grew up with expectations of equality, inclusion, and a nurturing learning environment, are saddened to discover a harsh and ugly reality, one which is mostly ignored by college officials. 

The hostility toward Jewish students on campus is part of a larger change within academia, which has embraced radical social activism, ideological indoctrination, and coerced conformity.  

The film illustrates how anti-Semitism is being made fashionable at many American universities through the on-going academic de-legitimization of Israel, the normalization of hatred in the name of social justice,  and massive donations of Arab oil money to universities.

Hate Spaces includes commentary and analysis from distinguished writers and academics including Professors Alan Dershowitz of Harvard, William Jacobson of Cornell and Richard Landes of Boston University, along with journalists Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal, and Caroline Glick of The Jerusalem Post.

Morally Confused Rabbi Howard Jaffe Enables CAIR Fundraising at Temple

APT exposed an event at Temple Isaiah in Lexington, Massachusetts where Rabbi Howard Jaffe allowed a CAIR official to raise money from his congregation. According to the ADL and the FBI, CAIR was founded as a Hamas fundraising front group. Hamas proclaims all Jews must be killed. Hamas murders Jews. Helping CAIR officials raise funds is unacceptable. Rabbis cannot demand to be above criticism, especially when they engage in politics.

JNS article describing the event

ADL statement concerning CAIR

IPT News report on the FBI severing ties with CAIR

Hamas Charter (August 18, 1988)

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25 Nov 2019

U.N. “Human Rights” Council Now Includes a Country Which Enslaves Black People

WATCH: Why is a nation where blacks are slaves sitting on the U.N. “Human Rights” Council? In one of the most shameful international scandals to date, the U.N.’s so-called “Human Rights Council” has just voted to include among its member nations not just one more tyrannical anti-democratic country, but a nation

13 Nov 2019

Scandal — As ADL Covers Up Muslim Anti-Semitism

WATCH: The ADL uncovers — and then covers up — a massive problem of Anti-Semitism among Muslim populations The ADL’s massive three-part study of Jew-hatred in over 100 countries around the globe found Muslim anti-Semitism tops all other kinds. But will the ADL risk being called “Islamophobic?” Will it risk being cast out of of

08 Nov 2019

Shocker: The ADL Hides its Own Findings — Betrays Jews to Protect American Muslims

The ADL, the “Defense Department of American Jewry,” is actively deceiving the American Jewish community about the disturbing findings of its global polling which shows that Islamic Jew-hatred tops any other kind. In the spring of 2014, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released the first of three surveys on anti-Semitism. It was conducted

08 Nov 2019

Boston University Anti-Semitism Scandal Heats Up

Former BU Law School faculty member writes scathing letter to the university’s president As we informed you before, Boston University is considering hiring a blatant anti-Semite named Sarah Ihmoud for a teaching post. Karen Hurvitz, an attorney who taught law at Boston University Law School, and has researched Ihmoud’s articles and organized a

08 Nov 2019

Action Alert: Boston University Set to Hire Blatantly Anti-Semitic “Professor”

Boston University to hire radical anti-Israel lecturer Sarah Ihmoud says Jews are rapists and Jewish women orgasm to fantasies of the IDF bombing Palestinian civilians. Education without Indoctrination (EWI) calls for action to stop Boston University from becoming a platform for Jew-hate. Please take action.   EDUCATION WITHOUT INDOCTRINATION UPDATE: WE NEED YOUR

26 Oct 2019

ADL Discovers Muslim Anti-Semitism — Then Hides its Findings

The Council against Islamic Religious Hatred uses the ADL’s own data to show the threat Islamic anti-Semitism poses worldwide In 2014, the Anti-Defamation League commissioned an extensive and expensive research project aiming to test levels of anti-Semitism in 102 countries. Their findings were quite disturbing: The world’s 16 most anti-Semitic

16 Oct 2019

Black People are Still Slaves. Why Haven’t You Heard about Them?

Black people are owned as chattel slaves in five African countries, but the human rights establishment continues to abandon them Charles Jacobs reports on the enslavement of blacks by Muslims across Africa in a new article in The Federalist. He explains why Western human rights organizations have adopted a policy to ignore them. Please

16 Oct 2019

CAIR and the Rabbis

In a long-overdue exposé, APT recounts how the Massachusetts Board of Rabbis brought enemies of the Jewish people to the gates of a synagogue in Stoughton, where they picketed arm-in-arm against an event dedicated to American and Israeli national security. CAIR and the Rabbis By Ilya Feoktistov As anti-Semitism grows in


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