The African Jewish Alliance Gains Momentum

We won’t let the world ignore the victims of global jihad

The AJA is making waves. Plenty of media coverage and a powerful public campaign with jumbotron trucks are raising awareness for their fight against the murder, rape, torture, abduction, and enslavement of Black Africans and all victims of jihad attacks worldwide. Click here to read a recent article by Henry Srebrnik, professor of political science at the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown for the Canadian journal The Jewish Post & News about the AJA’s rise to recognizance.

Building on past black-Jewish alliances, the AJA’s rapid rise offers hope. With diverse voices and impactful campaigns, they’re demanding global attention to this critical issue. The Jews of Israel are only one of the many targets of a global Islamic extremism. Let’s make the world talk about them all.

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