Africans in the U.S. Join with Jews against Jihad!

AJA progress report

Dear friends and supporters:

We have wonderful news. We needed black allies — now we have them!

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We need real allies, now more than ever. And we have them: Israel may be the focus of world attention, but it is not the only victim of the murderous global jihad. Islamists are seeking to conquer non-Muslims in many places, but one especially notable and tragic place is Africa. The victims of the jihad in Africa are the natural allies of Israel and Jews.

The African-Jewish Alliance, formed in February, is composed of Jews (us) and African groups in the U.S. whose people back home are experiencing the same jihad attacks by Arabs and Muslims as happened to us on October 7. Keep this in mind: Nigerian Christian villages experience “October 7” almost weekly.

African-Jewish Alliance Members:

• The American Anti-Slavery Group
• American Veterans of Igbo Descent
• The Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy (Darfur)
• Simon Deng, prominent former jihad slave from South Sudan
• The International Committee on Nigeria (ICON)
• The Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI)
• The Jewish Leadership Project
• The LEAH Foundation


Accomplishments so far:

• The creation of the AJA in Washington, D.C., in February.

• Articles published in NewsweekTabletThe Jerusalem Post, and JNS.

• Over 130,000 people watched our interview with JNS, entitled “Why the World Cares About Gaza and Not About Africa” (please watch and distribute).

• Public appearance: a billboard truck bearing graphics about jihad against Africans drove from Harvard to MIT.

• National campaign: We are taking resolutions to end jihad murder and enslavement of Africans to town halls and state legislatures; if you are interested contact us immediately.

Please consider a special gift: help Africans and Israelis unite against jihad.

In Freedom,

Charles Jacobs

Why the World Cares About Gaza and Not About Africa - Charles Jacobs & Ben Poser | Top Story
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