News That Arabs Have Black Slaves is Spreading

JNS published our Tablet article showing that Arabs and Muslims continue to enslave blacks in Africa today

Prominent black pastor Dumisani Washington has announced he is joining our effort to bring the face of Arab slavery to the black community’s attention.

These are important and powerful developments for several reasons:

1. To heal the black-Jewish rift we must bust break the “intersectionality” hoax which teaches that all minorities (Jews excluded) that they are natural allies; thus, blacks are taught to see themselves as friends and allies to Muslims and Arabs. The stunning news that Arabs and Muslims have enslaved, murdered, raped, and tortured blacks — even blacks who have been Muslim for centuries — challenges this false alliance.

2. More generally, “intersectionality” must be seen for what it is: a weapon against Israel and Jews. It needs to be exposed as both a racist scam and a fraud masquerading as “human rights.” If some “victim” groups are enslaving others, this presents a serious challenge to the entire concept.

3. Dumisani Washington’s group, the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (ISBI), is making its way into churches across America with a pro-Jewish, pro-Israel message. Now he will add information about the modern-day enslavement of blacks to his educational campaign.

4. The American Anti-Slavery Group is a special project of APT, and is run by Charles Jacobs and Ben Poser.

5. APT president Charles Jacobs is going to Israel next week with an escaped South Sudanese jihad slave, Simon Deng, who will tell Israelis that what happened to them on October 7 is happening to blacks in Nigeria and Darfur today. He will show Israelis that Africans stand with Israel.

Read the reprinted article in JNS here.

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