Be Angry at Princeton, But Don’t Be Duped by Duke

While everyone is rightfully focusing their ire at Princeton University for promoting an antisemitic blood libel, don’t overlook the publisher; Duke University Press

The Jewish Leadership Project continues to sound the alarm about the aggressive rise of antisemitism and antiZionism on college and university campuses where progressive woke ideology rules the day. That is why Princeton University thinks it is acceptable—even laudable—to offer its new course, “Decolonizing Trauma Studies from the Global South.” The course includes a book titled, “The Healing Humanities: the Right to Maim,” by Jasbir Puar.

The book alleges that Israeli Defense Forces shoot “to maim, not to kill” Palestinian children. To what ends you may ask? As part of a Mengelian process where the bodies of Palestinian children are “mined for organs for scientific research.”

None of that is true and it constitutes a modern-day blood libel, but Princeton University’s Near Eastern Studies Department still approved the class and the book.

However, while most of the spotlight has been on Princeton University (PU), Amy Rosenthal goes directly to the source of this antisemitic blood libel; Duke University Press (DUP).

In her recent article for the Jewish News Syndicate, Rosenthal makes the powerful argument that while PU is the big name in this instance of Jew Hatred, the bigger fish is DUP. Rosenthal documents DUP’s recent splurge in publishing books full of antisemitic tropes and blood libels and catalogs the extensive failures of Jewish leadership to do anything about the problem.

Read Rosenthal’s poignant article and learn more about the failures of Jewish Leadership here.

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