Jews Protest CUNY Anti-Semitism

Jewish protesters demand that CUNY fire anti-Semitic law school dean Sudha Setty

Jewish activists disgusted with CUNY’s anti-Semitism picketed outside the university on Wednesday, June 14, and handed out leaflets on the street.

The Jewish Leadership Project’s ad truck was there to go on the offensive, and bring home the protesters’ demand that CUNY fire its law school dean, Sudha Setty, who proudly introduced and clapped for a graduation speaker who called upon students to fight against “Zionism,” meaning Jews, “around the world.”

In line with how anti-Semites have chanted “Zionists out of CUNY!” for years, we responded with the slogan “Jihadis and their supporters out of CUNY.”

The protest garnered local media attention, and a photograph of our ad truck made it into the New York Post’s June 15 print edition (p. 26).

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