JLP Ad Truck Broadcasts Our Message at Israel Day Parade

Educating New Yorkers about “what must be done”

On June 4, during the annual Israel Day Parade, we brought our message to the streets of New York City.

Our message was simple: “What must be done?” We offered two simple, concrete answers:

• Jewish leaders must “declare a state of emergency to demonstrate [the] seriousness of the assault on the Jewish community.”

• “Jewish education should focus on Jewish pride and the importance of Israel.”

For far too long, Jewish leaders have been fixated on fighting old ghosts, ignoring emerging threats from the left and certain protected minorities.

They also were uncomfortable with Jewish pride, failing to educate the next generation of the importance of being strong and proud.

Their commitment to a failed, delusional, utopian way of thinking has been a catastrophe.

New York City has witnessed a massive upswing in anti-Jewish violence. Because most of the attacks have been committed against Orthodox Jews by “inconvenient” anti-Semites — Muslims and progressives in our universities and black thugs on the street — establishment Jewish leaders are too cowardly to act and prefer to be in denial.

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