Dershowitz Going After CNN

Alan Dershowitz is suing anti-Israel propagandist Christiane Amanpour and CNN while Jewish “leaders” sit on their hands

Alan Dershowitz told i24NEWS yesterday that he is conducting a pro bono suit on behalf of the Dee family against CNN and Christiane Amanpour for their defamation of Israelis killed in a terrorist attack.

Dershowitz to i24NEWS: I will represent Rabbi Dee against Amanpour & CNN


Amanpour claimed that Lucy Dee and her two daughters Maia and Dina, murdered by a Palestinian terrorist on April 7, were killed in a “shootout,” implying that the innocent women somehow fired back. She only recently issued weak apology to Rabbi Leo Dee, whose family’s terrorist murderers she indirectly defended, and then moved on.

Yet, as Dershowitz mentions in his interview, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis (CAMERA) has been documenting CNN’s false and defamatory reporting against Israel as far back as 1997.

Amanpour’s CAMERA file goes back to 1996, though only in 2007 did she permanently make a name for herself as a wanton anti-Israel propagandist. The opening episode of a slick, three-part, six-hour series on “religious fundamentalism” called God’s Warriors accused Israel of apartheid, stealing Palestinian land, and even condoning rare acts of Jewish terrorism, all the while enjoying the defense of an AIPAC-manipulated U.S. government.

God's Jewish Warriors - 1 of 11


All decent Americans should be hoping for a crushing legal, moral, and monetary blow to the anti-Semites at CNN.

Yet the ADL, which is supposed to be America’s cultural equivalent of the IDF, never criticized Amanpour’s most recent remarks, and has rarely criticized her in the past. In fact, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt has happily hawked his book on her show.

To learn more about how the ADL has failed to defend Israel against media attacks, you can purchase our new book, Betrayal: The Failure of American Jewish Leadership, featuring an essay by Alan Dershowitz, on Amazon here.

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