The “Nakbah”: Jewish Leaders’ Latest Failure

Jewish leaders fail to understand the importance of fighting the demonization of Israel

Sunday, May 14, was the 75th anniversary of the establishment of Israel.

For the Arabs, the day marks the failure of their effort to destroy the Jewish state and slaughter its people. Like any war, the conflict resulted in the creation of refugees. Ignoring the historical facts and steeped in an “honor-shame” culture, the Arabs viewed this failed genocide as a catastrophe, or nakbah in Arabic.

Playing the victim and aided by the usual suspect Jew-haters and anti-Israel activists, they slander and demonize Israel every year on May 15, the day after its independence day, by staging dozens of events around the world under the banner of “Nakbah Day.”

Beyond issuing some tweets, American Jewish leaders seem to mostly ignore this damaging and demonization propaganda.

This year, there were 46 Nakbah Day events across 33 American cities. Last year, when there were only 35, all the ADL did was post a tweet about them; this year, nothing.

This is a disgrace and a show of weakness. It appears that Israel’s supporters have left the playing field.

This Nakbah Day, we hired ad trucks to drive around Boston, Cambridge (MA), New York City, Raleigh (NC), and Washington, D.C. to promote the counter-narrative Jewish leaders are not promoting.

For example, our trucks informed passersby that the real ethnic cleansing was the Arab countries’ systematic expulsion of nearly one million Jews from areas they had inhabited for a thousand years.

Also, our trucks gave a clear definition of the “Nakbah,” namely “the failed genocide of Jews by Arabs in 1948.”

Finally, we also reminded the public of the Palestinians’ deep Nazi connections, most of all Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini’s friendship with Hitler and membership in the SS.

Jewish leaders show no signs of learning from their failures, such as this one.

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