North Carolina JLP Team Breaks the Silence on Durham Betrayal

Steve Schewel (center) with an anti-Israel candidate Nida Allam (left), and city council member Javiera Caballero, who supported the 2018 BDS resolution.

The Jewish Leadership Project’s North Carolina team exposes a prominent Jewish politician’s betrayal of his fellow Jews

In 2018, the city council of Durham, North Carolina, passed an anti-Israel BDS resolution based on the false claim that American police officers were being trained in Israel to terrorize American blacks.

This was spearheaded by the radical group Jewish Voice for Peace as part of their “Deadly Exchange” campaign. Joining with other anti-Semitic activists, they spread a slanderous lie that an Israeli program to train American police in mass casualty and counter-terrorism response was actually a racist “Zionist” assault on non-white Americans.

Through all of this, Durham’s mayor at the time, Steve Schewel, a Jew, took the Jew-haters’ side.

More recently, the local Reform synagogue invited this same mayor to speak at a panel giving advice to parents on how to talk to their children about the rise in Jew-hatred. It is scandalous that a synagogue requested Schewel’s wisdom, as he himself contributed to the rise and legitimization of anti-Semitism in Durham.

Our Durham JLP team made up of Jewish activists who had formed the North Carolina Coalition for Israel, led by Amy Rosenthal and Josh Ravitch, wanted to get this truth to the community.

We helped them get the story published in the Jewish Journal, read across the country.

Bravo to Amy and Josh. Read their exposé here.

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