Jewish Leadership Failure Series: 3. When Rabbis Go Woke

Toba Spitzer: a case study in Marxists pretending to be rabbis

The videos you are about to watch are not pretty. They publicly expose and rebuke a rabbi. The original decision to create and publish these was not taken lightly; but, when our warnings to community leaders that some rabbis are using their positions to harm the community went unheeded, we felt we had no choice but to tell the painful truth. Since the publication of this video, no one has challenged any of the facts presented. And we’ve been contacted by people around the country telling us that something very much like this is happening in their communities.

Across America, the Jewish community is deeply divided. Some segments, frequently led by leftist Reform rabbis, are abandoning support for — or even joining in the defamation of — Israel. Many members of Reform temples are leaving their congregations because their rabbis use their bimot to promote leftist political agendas under the cover of religion. There is even a movement of dedicated to temple-leavers needing religious guidance.

The American Jewish community is beset with deception.

From without, the imams of terrorist mosques assure us that they are our friends; “diversity”-championing Democrats pass resolutions condemning “hate” in general at the expense of Jews; and important law enforcement officials promise to combat anti-Jewish violence while letting Jew-beatings thugs off lightly.

From within, however, there is just as much deception. Mainstream Jewish leadership is infested with people who pretend to be one thing — including, it seems, to themselves — and yet are something else.

Among the most scandalous instances of counterfeit Jewish leadership today, sadly, is within the American rabbinate. Not a few rabbis, most often within the Reform and Reconstructionist movements, can with justice be described as neo-Marxist activists wearing t’filin. Clothing their propaganda in a talit and quotations from Tanakh’, they champion exclusively leftist agendas which — at best — have nothing to do with authentic Judaism, agendas which include such things as abortion on demand, open borders, police defunding, and transgenderism.

One paradigmatic example of such a rabbi is Toba Spitzer of Congregation Dorshei Tzedek in Newton, Massachusetts, a past president of the prestigious Massachusetts Board of Rabbis.

In 2020, APT exposed Spitzer in a two-part video series which revealed her as a socialist masquerading as a rabbi.

Toba Spitzer (Part 1): An Anti Jewish Rabbi (Edited)


Toba Spitzer (Part 2): A Socialist Pretending to Be a Rabbi (Edited)


Among the many astonishing things we discovered about Spitzer were:

• She has said that Jews must discard the “existential frame” of thinking that Israel “is vitally connected to Jewish survival in the modern world,” because this thinking “has led to an attempt to erase Palestinian history.”

• She believes that American Jews are too rich and it is about time they “give up some of that economic privilege.”

• She wrote that, when it comes to the state of Israel, the “physical continuity of the Jewish people” cannot supersede the importance of showing “lovingkindness” to “supporters of Hamas.”

It is no wonder, then, that she also

Supports the anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter movement and open borders.

Embraced the terrorist-linked, anti-Jewish activist Linda Sarsour.

Spoke at an “interfaith” gathering held at the terrorist-tied Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center.

Serves on anti-Israel J Street’s rabbinical council.

As revealed in our second video, research showed that Spitzer chose to become a rabbi in order to spread anti-Jewish left-wing ideas from a place of spiritual authority.

If anything is not Jewish leadership, this is it. Pitifully, however, “Rabbi” Toba Spitzer is only one of so many across the country entrusted with Judaic continuity using their positions to betray and brainwash the Jewish people.

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