Jewish Leadership Failure Series: 1. Issuing the Call

WATCH: Jewish leaders have ignored the threats the community faces, and must be challenged or replaced

Here, we are re-issuing APT’s first video officially calling for new Jewish leadership.

“Look around. Practically every Jewish building and institution in America has security,” Dr. Charles Jacobs says in the video. “We feel it. It’s becoming obvious to most Jews that we are living in a state of siege. College campuses have become hostile territories for Jewish students. Jews are being beaten in Brooklyn. What happened?”

Yet, America’s establishment Jewish leadership institutions — the ADL, the Federations, JCRCs, the JCPA, and UJA — have mostly failed to fight back. They are busy with “social justice” causes like abortion, open borders, transgender activism, and supporting Black Lives Matter, which have nothing to do with protecting the Jewish community.

These leaders, bewitched by utopian universalism, ignored the tribal and self-interested realities of human nature, and abandoned their responsibilities in favor of virtue-signaling through “relationship-building” with minority groups who did not reciprocate their kindnesses.

In so doing, they ignored the multiple threats American Jews face, focusing almost exclusively on the traditional, politically correct threat — that from white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Though the video (shot in late 2019), only lists three, Jews today endure four winds of ideological assault: Muslim terrorists, Marxist anti-Zionists, black supremacists (the Nation of Islam and Black Hebrew Israelites), and the neo-Nazis.

Yet, the ADL — American Jews’ “Defense Department” — for partisan political reasons, chooses to focus on the white supremacist threat. In the meantime, attacks on Orthodox Jews in New York City increased by 41% in 2022. Analysis of all recorded attacks since 2018 revealed that 97% were committed by non-white assailants, most of whom (69%) were black, with Arabs and Muslims the next ones down (17%). Even worse, the ADL actively enables those in power who actually facilitate this unjust lawlessness.

We need a Jewish Spring. An awakening. There are plenty of Jews around the country who fight individually or within grassroots organizations. If the call is made, many proud Jews will decide to no longer abide flaccid, foolish leaders who are leading us into a dark corner.

Today, we are making the call. Join us to change our community’s direction, and perhaps, its fate.

Issuing the Call for New Jewish Leadership
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