Boston’s Woke Federation Ignoring Real Threats to Jews

In 2023, Boston’s Jewish Federation is raising money to fight “white supremacy” while doubling down on failed policies

While Jews are savagely beaten on the streets of New York, attacked almost daily in Israel, demeaned and defamed in the mainstream media, and marginalized and threatened on campuses across America, Boston’s Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) tells its donors in a recent letter to increase their gifts because “We see celebrities promoting antisemitic tropes and the normalization of white supremacy.”

Read the CJP’s letter here.

CJP never specifies how they are going to stop such celebrities or who is normalizing “white supremacy.”

The focus on white supremacy is clearly a case of “disproportionate concern.” Objective data show that Jews are more likely to be attacked in America by non-white anti-Semites — blacks and Muslims — than by white supremacists. Recent reports show that attacks on Orthodox Jews in New York City increased by 41% in 2022. Analysis of all recorded attacks since 2018 revealed that 97% were committed by non-white assailants, most of whom (69%) were black, with Arabs and Muslims the next ones down (17%).

The CJP, along with Boston’s Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), has also announced a “5-point plan” to fight anti-Semitism. Instead of acknowledging the real threats Jews face, it doubles down on the same mistakes Jewish leadership organizations have been making for years.

It is important to understand why our establishment Jewish leaders seem unable even to see, much less to effectively deal with, these stark realities.

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