Biden Cheapens the Holocaust: Jewish Leaders Silent!

President Biden makes a cheap Holocaust comparison; Jewish leaders are silent — so Nikki Haley does their job for them

At a White House press conference last week, a journalist asked President Biden if he believed illegal immigration was a “human right.”

“…I thought it was a human right for, you know, Jews in Germany to be able to go and escape and get help where they could,” he responded.

Comparing anyone to Jews fleeing the Nazis simply in order to smear one’s political enemies, regardless of party or circumstance, is a moral abomination and must be forcefully condemned.

Yet, American Jewish leaders said nothing about a sitting president’s cruel and petty abuse of the memory of the six million. Because — like their equally cowardly ancestors during the Roosevelt years — such “leaders” are more interesting in remaining friendly with the administration than in fighting for Jewish honor and well-being.

It fell to a non-Jewish leader to do the job. Former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley expressed her disgust for the president’s insult to Jews in no uncertain terms.

“No,” she tweeted. “The systematic and targeted murder of 6 million Jews in Nazi death camps is not the same [as illegal immigration]. You’re a disgrace. Don’t belittle the Holocaust to score political points.”

This is leadership. Regardless of political opinion, the Jewish community cannot have leaders who give their political allies a free pass to disparage Jews or belittle the Holocaust. Cheap, partisan Holocaust comparisons are never acceptable from anyone.

There’s one Jewish leader who knows his duty, regardless of politics: When President Trump had Thanksgiving dinner with rabid Jew-haters like Kanye West and Nick Fuentes, Mort Klein of the ZOA — an open Trump supporter — had the moral integrity to publicly decry his friend’s behavior.

Jews have a right to expect leadership like Klein’s and Haley’s at all times. Hurry! Time is not on our side.

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