Fox News Features JLP’s Criticism of Jewish Leadership and the ADL

Fox News cites the Jewish Leadership Project (JLP) on the failure of the ADL and establishment Jewish leadership

Fox News published an article devoted to the surge in hatred and violence aimed at American Jews, and included the Jewish Leadership Project’s contention that organizations like the ADL have failed.

From the article:

“..the Jewish Leadership Project — founded by activists Charles Jacobs and Avi Goldwasser — views a number of major Jewish organizations as being asleep at the wheel, focusing more on left-wing ideologies than keeping their own communities safe.

‘They should be declaring a state of emergency,’ JLP fellow Karys Rhea told Fox News Digital.

Rhea said organizations like the ADL have lost that focus.

Rhea said JLP has been trying to work with these large organizations to get them to focus more on protecting Jewish communities instead of devoting resources to other causes.”

Read the whole article here.

Major Jewish Organization Betrays Jews
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