Victory in CRT Stronghold!

A newly-elected California school board banned anti-Semitic critical race theory in its first post-election session

As anti-Jewish indoctrination rapidly makes its way into American public school classrooms, here is a recent victory which proves the Jewish community can win –– when it ignores the terrible advice to stand down typically given by their local Federations, JCRCs, and ADL branches.

In the CRT stronghold of California, the newly Republican-led Temecula Valley Unified School Board voted on December 13 to outlaw all use of CRT materials in local schools.

As The Daily Caller reported, “The board can require educators to teach curriculum only approved by the board and neither United States law nor California law require the teaching of CRT, the resolution stated. The policy stated that the school district ‘will not tolerate racism and racist conduct.’”

We hope that in the coming year more pro-Jewish and pro-American school boards will be elected to stand against politically powerful pressure groups and protect American children from racist, ultimately deeply anti-Jewish, propaganda.

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