JNS’s Jonathan Tobin Praises Jewish Leadership Project

The JCPA’s woke self-destruction prompts JNS to point to the JLP as an example of proper Jewish leadership

In a recent op-ed attacking the Jewish Council for Public Affairs’ decision to “reinvent itself” as an institution devoted only to leftist causes, JNS editor-in-chief Jonathan Tobin contrasted the JCPA’s perfidy with the Jewish Leadership Project.

“Were it like another recently formed group, the Jewish Leadership Project (JLP),” Tobin writes, “the JCPA could claim that it was engaged in an effort that no one else was attempting.”

“The JLP,” he continues, “is trying to give the community something genuinely new: provide an alternative voice — in defense of Jewish rights and the State of Israel — sorely lacking today in the liberal-Jewish establishment. But the JCPA is simply seeking to give us more of the same failed patent nostrums already sold as ‘social justice.’”

Read Tobin’s piece here.

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