ADL Busted: Leverages Jewish Pain for Leftist Causes

Devastating op-ed reveals depth of the ADL’s betrayal of American Jews and proves the ADL is no longer a Jewish organization

In a foray into the workings of today’s ADL which will shock its readers, investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield uncovers ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt’s ploy to use Jewish funds and pain in order to promote a partisan, far-left Democratic Party agenda.

Greenfield documents how the ADL transitioned from an organization which protected Jews from hatred into one which tells schoolchildren around the country that light-skinned people — like most American Ashkenazi Jews — are racist at birth.

He shows how Greenblatt was able to nearly double the ADL’s annual budget (from $56 to $91 million) in five years — by reaching beyond Jewish donors (and their interests) to solicit “woke” Silicon Valley funders who typically give to left-wing causes. This ensured that he could transform the organization with little fear of being replaced.

Greenfield cites the ADL’s actual training materials used in American schools and in teacher training workshops which teach white schoolchildren that they are inherently racist. He shows how lucrative this “anti-racist” training has become for the ADL.

Among the nuggets in his piece, Greenfield reveals that Eileen Hershenov, the ADL’s senior vice president for “democratic initiatives,” worked as general counsel for leftist anti-Israel billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Soros is a major donor to far-left, anti-Israel, anti-American organizations and causes. It was his project which elected prosecutors who ensure that criminals — including those who harass and attack Jews in New York — do not go to jail. Soros was the original chief funder of J Street.

Take the J Street Challenge: Follow the Money


This is the same Eileen Hershenov who, at a 2019 congressional hearing on hate crimes, let slip the ADL’s policy of marginalizing Jew-hatred originating from blacks and Muslims. After the ZOA’s Mort Klein cited the ADL’s own polling data showing that Islamic Jew-hatred is the world’s most pervasive strain, Hershenov explained why Muslim Jew-haters don’t have much to fear from the Anti-Defamation League when they defame Jews.

ZOA President Mort Klein Tells Congress: Islamic Jew-Hatred Threatens American Jews (April 9, 2019)


Referring to Klein’s testimony, she said, “…[V]ulnerable, marginalized… communities have bigotry within them,” implying somehow that the threat they pose to Jews is somehow mitigated.

ADL Official Tries to Explain Away the ADL’s Own Research (April 9, 2019)


Read Greenfield’s devastating op-ed here.

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