Biden White House Anti-Semitism Roundtable Convenes Failed Jewish Leaders

Failed Jewish leaders to convene at the White House

The Jewish Leadership Project (JLP) is concerned that the Jewish participants invited to tomorrow’s White House conference on anti-Semitism consist mainly of Jewish establishment organizations which have failed to defend the Jewish community in the face of surging Jew-hatred across the country.

“Many American Jews,” JLP president Charles Jacobs said, “now understand that the ADL, the so-called ‘defense department’ of the Jewish people, has become politicized and has failed to fight the growing anti-Semitism emerging from the left, black supremacists, and radical Islamists.”

JLP co-founder Avi Goldwasser said, “It’s shocking that the Biden administration has ignored the genocidal incitement by Palestinian political and religious leaders. Jewish leaders have failed to understand modern-day anti-Semitism or acknowledge the organized, multi-pronged assault against the Jewish people.”

Jewish leaders need to insist that the Biden administration take executive action against all genocidal incitement both domestic and international. These should include ending federal grants to universities promoting or tolerating Jew-hatred, and FBI investigations of organizations promoting violence against Jews.


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