ADL Bungles its Reaction to Kyrie Irving’s Anti-Semitism Scandal

Another ADL failure: letting Kyrie Irving off lightly for being a black, rather than white, supremacist

“The ADL, the Jewish community’s most powerful defense agency, has been downplaying or ignoring Jew-hatred from politically incorrect sources — leftist anti-Zionists, Islamist preachers, and black supremacists — for decades, yet they’ll accuse right-wingers of anti-Semitism even when, sometimes, there isn’t any,” Dr. Charles Jacobs told The Washington Free Beacon in an article exposing the ADL’s incompetent handling of the Kyrie Irving scandal.

“They [the ADL] have abandoned their mission and become little more than another left-wing political organization, therefore losing credibility within the Jewish community that is suffering from the surge in Jew-hatred that built under their watch,” Jacobs concluded.

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