Jew-Hatred in America is Now a Five-Alarm Fire

From “Jew-free” zones on campuses to the “born again” Kanye West, Jew-hatred is being normalized in almost every area of American political thought

Anti-Semitism is now clearly a five-alarm fire. America’s college campuses are now not simply hot-houses of temporary intellectual childishness, but are neo-communist, racist indoctrination factories, home to “Jew-free” zones and Hamas front groups.

The Democratic Party — rightly or wrongly — used to be American Jews’ political home. Now its energized half is led by anti-Jewish bigots like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Corey Bush, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

As Jonathan Tobin explains in JNS, however, Jew-hatred is now truly emerging as a bipartisan social disease.

Christian conservatives, who have rightly earned the friendship of many Jewish conservatives over the last half-century, are now faced with a growing problem. While the leftist charge that all American “MAGA” conservatives are anti-Semites is mostly crude propaganda, it cannot be escaped that the last several years has seen a rise in so-called “right-wing” Jew-haters’ vociferousness and violence.

Much worse, it is making its way into more established conservative circles. Today, delusional anti-Semite Kanye West — a long-time friend of Louis Farrakhan and a supporter of the racist Black Hebrew Israelite ideology — is mainstreamed by conservatives like Tucker Carlson who cannot see past his admirable departure from conventional leftist thinking.

As understandable disillusionment with traditional political stances grows, traditional taboos — some bad, some good — are being tossed aside. Anti-Semitism seems to be every extremists’ most “to-be-toppled” taboo.

Jew-hatred did not become a taboo because of Jewish “privilege” or “power,” or because it is “hate speech.” It was made a taboo because thousands of years of history have shown that hatred of Jews leads to the murder of Jews.

That Jew-hatred is no longer taboo for growing sectors of Western society is a catastrophe. Jewish leaders entrusted with the community’s safety bear much of the responsibility as they have jettisoned their duty to protect Jews in favor of partisan Democrat politics. We, along with prominent Jewish voices, have been protesting this for years.

Aligning with the Democratic party line, Jewish leaders blamed the recent rise of Jew-hatred almost exclusively on “the right,” and have ignored Jew-hatred from their own “allies” in the Muslim, black, and leftist camps whom they believe they cannot afford to offend.

This failure of Jewish leadership has helped put American Jews in more danger, it now seems, than at any time in American history.

This is why we need new Jewish leaders.

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