The ADL — and Jonathan Greenblatt — Must Be Held Accountable for Dabbling in CRT

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt speaks at the ADL’s National Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. — June 4, 2019. (Michael Brochstein / SOPA Images via Getty Images)

The ADL is pushing CRT because its ideology is leftist, not Jewish

“The last thing that you’d expect from a group whose historic mission is to monitor and fight anti-Semitism would be to discover that the group is helping to spread woke ideological indoctrination that grants a permission slip for Jew-hatred,” writes Jonathan Tobin in Newsweek.

In a damning op-ed listing the ADL’s sins and chronicling its failures, Tobin makes clear that the Greenblatt ADL’s foray into the teaching of anti-Jewish CRT is a deliberate, not accidental, policy decision. Greenblatt, an Obama leftist, is there to advance his political ideology, not to uphold his responsibility to the Jewish community.

Please (politely) contact the ADL and tell them that it is a crime for the Jewish community’s “defense department” to push CRT curriculum:

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