The ADL is Now a Threat to Jews

Cartoon of ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt by Bosch Fawstin. (FrontPage Magazine)

The ADL has officially revealed itself as a partisan Democrat, not Jewish, organization — and a protector of the Ilhan Omar wing

David Horowitz Freedom Center fellow Daniel Greenfield says “The ADL’s Radical Boss Must Go.”

From his latest article (which mentions the Jewish Leadership Project):

“The latest numbers show that only 1 of the 118 thugs arrested for assaulting Jews in New York City since 2018 was sentenced to actual prison time. While attacks on Jews tripled, the ADL is promoting police defunding in its curriculum.”

The Greenblatt ADL is directly contributing to the rising physical threat American Jews face.

Over the years, it has, in part:

Advocated for police defunding.

• Been soft on Jew-hatred from Democrats like Ilhan Omar.

• Diverted resources to non-Jewish causes like abortion.

Endorsed anti-Jewish CRT.

Hired Jew-haters.

• Called for the U.S. to take in Jew-hating Syrian refugees.

• Brushed off its own polling data showing that large numbers of American and Middle Eastern Muslims hate Jews.

• Pushed self-destructive social media censorship which turns Internet bigots into dissident heroes, and further radicalizes millions of already disaffected young people worldwide.

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