ZOA President Mort Klein Praises Jewish Leadership Project

Klein: Jewish Leadership Project is “really exposing Jewish leaders for not defending Jews”

In an interview with Avi Abelow on the Pulse of Israel podcast, Morton Klein was asked who, besides his own ZOA, is educating the Jewish community about the dangerous and shameful failure of Jewish establishment leadership to defend American Jews from Jew-hatred surging from radical black, Muslim, and leftist camps. Klein cited our Jewish Leadership Project as the only group apart from the ZOA with the courage to tell the truth.

“…[T]here is an emerging group that’s really calling out Jewish leadership,” Klein said. “It’s formed by Charles Jacobs and Avi Goldwasser… and they’re really exposing Jewish leaders for not defending Jews against black anti-Semitism and Islamic anti-Semitism and not speaking out, so I’m really grateful that… [they have] taken a strong public stand.”

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ZOA’s Mort Klein Praises APT’s Jewish Leadership Project (September 7, 2022)
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