Important Update on the Jewish Leadership Project

Progress report on the Jewish Leadership Project

Dear friends and supporters of Americans for Peace and Tolerance;

We have launched a national PR effort to challenge the Jewish establishment over its failure to effectively defend the community from the dramatic rise in anti-Semitism across the country.

In the initial stage — mobilization — we have recruited teams and raised awareness of our mission. To date, we have:

1. Organized 14 teams across the country who, with our guidance, will be challenging their local leaders. At least three of these teams have had noteworthy local impacts. We have published their critiques and analyses of their local Jewish leaders in the White Rose Magazine and JNS.

2. Produced a special edition of the White Rose on the failure of Jewish leadership, a collection of 13 articles by prominent writers and local activists.

3. Arranged with a prominent publisher to publish a book on The Failure of American Jewish Leadership based on an expanded set of the White Rose essays, hopefully out before the end of the year.

4. Hired a young, eloquent, attractive spokesperson, Karys Rhea, to be the face of our message to a younger demographic. See her being interviewed here.

5. Hired a PR firm — Athos — to get us national and international press (see the impressive list below). We have changed the name of the effort from Challenge Jewish Leadership to the Jewish Leadership Project, and developed a new website.

6. Engaged a prominent Israel-based social media company to get our message distributed widely on social media platforms, with an emphasis on targeting young people.

7. Held a national Zoom meeting on August 23 with our teams and members to update and announce future actions. More than 90 people attended.

I invite you to join in this effort: We plan to conduct a series of Zoom conversations with interested people. Email us if you would like to join in. There will be plenty of opportunities.

As you may recall, we made this pivot to focus on changing Jewish leadership because, after decades spent fighting against our external adversaries — the media, the professoriate, the liberal churches, the left on campus, the black nationalists, the Islamists, and anti-Israel curricula in our schools — we concluded that the Jewish community may not prevail with an establishment leadership which will not prioritize Jewish interests, does not understand the nature and extent of anti-Semitism, and will not fight. Our new Jewish Leadership Project aims to change that. There are many opportunities for you to help.

I’m asking for your continued financial support. You can also donate by mail (see the address at the very bottom of the email) and online at JLP functions as a project of APT, and donations are should be made to APT as before.

I invite you to write me personally at


Charles Jacobs

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