Pressured: Boston JCRC’s Jeremy Burton Blasts His Critics

Burton, under mounting criticism, lashes out at his critics

A growing number of American Jews are realizing that the Jewish Establishment — the ADL, Federations, JCRCs, and many rabbis — are failing to defend and protect the community in the face of rising Jew-hatred across the country.

Many think that nothing we can do can open up these insular, rigid organizations, which control so much of our resources, to re-thinking their failed policies, much less to acknowledge and honestly engage their critics.

Well, think again!

After a mounting spate of sharp, and concentrated criticism, both direct and indirect — in articles, podcasts, and magazines — Boston’s JCRC felt forced to finally respond. It is a shameful, pathetic response, but it shows that times are changing: the Jewish Establishment is feeling the heat; they may suspect that their policies are failing, and they sense a need to respond to that criticism.

Jeremy Burton says he would prefer honest and open debates. We agree. We’re ready. The Jewish community needs nothing so much as honest and open discussions about the decline in our situation.

Let’s do it. Read Charles Jacobs’ and Avi Goldwasser’s new JNS article calling for an open debate about Jewish leadership.

Please contact the leaders of Boston’s establishment organizations and politely urge that the community open up discussion on best ways to respond to our worsening situation.

• Jeremy Burton
Boston JCRC Executive Director:
(617) 457-8600

• Rabbi Marc Baker
President and CEO of CJP:
(617) 457-8500

• Robert Trestan
New England ADL Regional Director:
(617) 406-6300

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