ZOA Promotes APT’s Video Blasting the ADL

ZOA promotes APT’s acclaimed video featuring Mort Klein’s testimony to Congress

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) — the only “establishment” legacy Jewish organization that does not fail to defend the Jewish community — testified to Congress in 2019 about the threat to the Jewish community from Islamic Jew-hatred.

APT monitored the event and caught the ADL giving Islamist haters a pass, because they are one of America’s “vulnerable, marginalized… communities.”

We are proud that the ZOA is promoting our video to show the abject failure of the ADL to stand up and protect Jews from this threat.

Watch the video — you will be stunned by the ADL’s perfidy.

According to its own polling data, Muslims are statistically far more likely to hate Jews than anybody else — yet the ADL doesn’t tell anybody about this, let alone American Jews.

We wish to thank Mort Klein for his courage, and we urge all Jews to support his courageous, indefatigable efforts.

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