Are Orthodox Day Schools Being Infected with Anti-Jewish “Woke” Philosophy?

“Woke” racial “justice” curriculum is leaking into Orthodox Jewish day schools

“Racialized and polarizing terminology inimical to Jewish traditions, such as ‘white Jews’ and ‘Jews of color,’ not only became commonplace but also fostered divisions where they hadn’t previously existed,” writes Brandy Shufutinsky in Sapir Journal.

In the wake of the racial unrest of 2020, Shufutinsky — a religious woman who has two children in Jewish day schools — noticed that the “anti-racist” themes of CRT were showing up in her children’s curriculum under the name “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI).

Shufutinsky, who is black, says that some of the post-George Floyd curricular reforms were well-intended, even “overdue,” but was disturbed by how the stated intentions often differed from the reality. The reality is that CRT is anti-Jewish to its core, as it casts Jews as the “whitest” of white oppressors, simply because Jews are wealthy and successful.

As she writes, “What has changed? In a word, ideology. DEI programs have supplanted what were once nuanced examinations of race, color, ethnicity, and culture with the simplistic, binary language of oppressor and oppressed. It is a form of black-and-white thinking that excludes the experiences of vast numbers of Jews. It is one that makes Jews feel ashamed of their so-called privilege rather than proud of their heritage.”

As usual, where have the Jewish leaders been? Mainly, they have been enabling and supporting this poison in the name of “social justice.”

Please (politely) ask them to do their jobs and fight to get this anti-Jewish poison out of Jewish day schools:

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