UC Faculty Injecting Jew-Hatred into K-12 Classrooms

UC professors trying to force anti-Jewish CRT on children

In a new op-ed in The Algemeiner, AMCHA Intiative founder Tammi Rossman-Benjamin chronicles another instance of bigoted, leftist university professors trying to force their anti-Jewish delusions into K-12 classrooms.

Faculty at the University of California recently attempted to make public high school students take an “ethnic studies” class to be eligible for admission.

The measure has been defeated for the moment, but it commanded considerable support, and is not likely to die.

We and California high school students are fortunate that this particular push to further engrave anti-Jewish lies into public school curriculum was defeated.

Most of the time, however, this is not the case, as happened earlier this year in Massachusetts, when local Jewish leaders crumpled in the face of institutionalized anti-Israel curriculum.

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