ADL Gives Islamic Jew-Hatred a Pass!

“…[V]ulnerable, marginalized… communities have bigotry within them”: ADL senior vice president for policy Eileen Hershenov minimizes the threat of Islamic Jew-hatred before a congressional hearing on hate crimes — April 9, 2019.

The ADL VP lets cat out of the bag

Testifying to Congress about anti-Semitism, the ADL’s senior VP Eileen Hershenov brushed off actual findings from the ADL’s global study that Islamic Jew-hatred is statistically the most widespread (and likely most dangerous) form of Jew-hatred in the world.

Watch Hershenov in action and judge for yourself if the ADL is following the Squad’s preferred blackout of politically incorrect Jew-hatred.

ADL Official Tries to Explain Away the ADL’s Own Research (April 9, 2019)

The ADL is suffering mounting criticism for its failure to defend American Jews against Jew-hatred coming from leftist anti-Zionists, Islamists, and black racists. They are being accused in many quarters of being a front for Democratic Party policies which make these forms of Jew-hatred non-discussable.

In response to an article criticizing the ADL’s partisanship published in the leftist Forward, Hershenov attempted to refute the criticism in an article of her own. She failed pathetically. She listed those few instances where ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt criticized leftist Jew-hatred and rested her case.

Read Dr. Charles Jacobs’ new op-ed in the American Thinker demonstrating conclusively that the ADL has no one to blame for its critics’ legitimate concerns but itself.

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ADL: Protecting American Muslims, Fooling American Jews
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