Anti-Zionist Jews: A Dagger at Our Throats

Jewish anti-israel activist Sara Kershnar at the al-Awdah “Rising to Return” national conference in New York City — May 7, 2022. (YouTube)

Case in point: Anti-Zionist Jew boasts about working with American Muslims for Palestine — where are Jewish leaders?

The problem of Jews joining the movement to destroy Israel is not going away.

In May, the anti-Israel organization al-Awdah — a group advocating the Palestinian “right of return” — held its national conference in New York, called “Rising to Return.”

During a panel on how to support the “anti-colonial struggle” against Israel through media, the conference featured a Jewish anti-Israel activist named Sara Kershnar.

She said that anti-Israel Jews should “not get into debates with Zionists,” including “liberal Zionists,” and that “Israel’s doing a job all over the world, and it field tests it on Palestinians.”

She happily admits that ethnic studies and critical race theory are anti-Israel because she and her group, the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, are involved in the “fight against the attack” on these campaigns “by Zionists.”

Anti-Zionist Activist Sara Kershnar at Palestine Rising to Return (May 7, 2022)

Most importantly, however, Kershnar boasted about how she worked with the Muslim Brotherhood front group American Muslims for Palestine in organizing an international program called “Never Again for Anyone” featuring an anti-Israel Holocaust survivor.

AMP, as documented in our 2016 film Hate Spaces: The Politics of Intolerance on Campus, was instrumental in forming Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), which has spent a whole generation terrorizing Jewish college students across America. It has also defended jihad attacks against Israelis, with one senior staff member even defending ISIS at a 2014 conference.

At first glance, this woman may seem an irrelevant lunatic. Alarmingly, though, she is one of a growing number of American Jews alienated from their heritage who are joining the enemy.

Jewish leaders and institutions have done very little to insure that our younger generation will not be easily indoctrinated against Israel in American universities. Where is their strategy to deal with Jewish anti-Israel organizations like the IJAN?

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