(More) BDS at Harvard

Harvard is no longer safe for Jewish students

Recent events have demonstrated unequivocally that Harvard has officially caught up with its Californian counterparts in the area of campus Jew-hatred, particularly BDS activism.

From the Crimson’s endorsement of BDS to courses on Israeli “settler colonialism” taught at the School of Public Health, America’s most prestigious university has completely surrendered to its most rabid elements’ anti-Jewish agenda.

Those who seek to torment Jewish students and delegitimize their people’s nation-state are allowed to run rampant at Harvard, with only their free speech rights protected. Much of the non-Jewish student body, and Harvard’s Jewish president Lawrence Bacow, have consistently refused to stand up for Jewish students — some because they believe anti-Israel lies, others, like Bacow, because they are cowards.

Read the definitive piece by current Jewish Harvard students J. J. Kimche and Angelique Talmor in City Journal where the ask, “if hatred of the Jewish state becomes the default position across campus, do Jewish students have a future at Harvard?”

Please ask Jewish leaders in Boston: What is your strategy to deal with this major assault on our community?

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