Overseas Jewish Leadership Failure: British Anne Frank Trust Hires Anti-Israel Bigot

Nasima Begum, briefly employed by the Anne Frank Trust, wished “death to you Zionist scum.”

British Jewish leaders imitate their American cousins: Anne Frank Trust hires anti-Semite to lead a youth “storytelling workshop”

The incompetence of mainstream Jewish leadership is sadly no different, and no less dependable, across the pond.

The Anne Frank Trust, a smaller-scale British equivalent to the ADL which “empowers 10- to 15-year-olds to challenge all forms of prejudice, inspired by the life and work of Anne Frank,” has been forced to apologize for hiring a Muslim Jew-hater to lead one of its workshops.

Nasima Begum, whom the AFT recently hired to lead a “storytelling workshop” for 23 teenagers last week, has a long history of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel statements.

As The Jewish News reported, “Begum, a former media officer at the Muslim Council of Britain, has made a series of inflammatory comments in past years, particularly around 2011-12, concerning Israel and Israel’s supporters, including her wishing ‘death to you Zionist scum’.”

“She [has also] accused Israel of committing ‘genocide’ against Palestinians, appeared to justify Hamas rocket fire, reportedly claimed that Zionists have ‘a hold on mainstream media’, and likened Israeli actions against Palestinian to those of the Nazis against Jews during the Holocaust.”

The Muslim Council of Britain — similar to the Muslim American Society (which runs the Islamic Society of Boston mega-mosque) — is a Muslim Brotherhood front group funded by Qatar and Turkey. In fact, since 2009, the British government has banned cabinet ministers from associating with the MCB after its former deputy secretary general, Daud Abdullah, signed a declaration in support of Hamas and jihad against British troops.

The Anne Frank Trust hiring someone associated with the Muslim Council of Britain closely mirrors Boston-area Jewish leaders embracing Muslim Brotherhood clerics from the Islamic Society of Boston.

They cannot be unaware of these threats, as many journalists and activists — including us — have put the facts out there, but they do it anyway.

They are so seduced by the utopian vision of a world where Muslims love Jews because Jews are kind to them that they refrain from doing the basic background checks any HR department has the responsibility to do.

At least the Anne Frank Trust had the decency to apologize for lending credence to an anti-Jewish bigot like this, and, hopefully, will never do it again. American Jewish leaders rarely have such grace.

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