A New Initiative: The Jewish Leadership Project

APT is re-branding: launching the Jewish Leadership Project

Dear friends;

The Jewish community has two major problems: surging anti-Semitism from several ideological camps, all aiming to do us harm, and the failure of establishment Jewish leadership to aggressively confront our adversaries. We are entering a very dangerous time, yet our leaders are doing business as usual.

Our campaign to educate America’s Jews about the failure of their communal leadership in dealing with the poisonous hatred surrounding us is being launched on a national level. We have attached the press release announcing our launch here.

As part of this initiative, we have adopted a new name: The Jewish Leadership Project (JLP).

We’ve built a new JLP website and have recruited a young, eloquent spokeswoman to help us with our media communication and to attract younger Jews to our cause.

Articles are being written now by prominent reporters in various media outlets about our effort. You will receive them shortly.

Please visit our new website:

We have built a network of activists who will be challenging their own local leaders at the ADL, Federations, and JCRCs. If you would like to become part of a local team, please let us know and we’ll orient and connect you to people in your area.

Most of you are aware of the serious situation we face: on the campuses, in Congress, in leftist churches, in terrorist mosques, and now in high schools across the country. Not for the first time in Jewish history, we are at a watershed moment. But we are an accomplished community, with very talented members. We can and must find proud, brave, and competent leadership to secure a better Jewish future.

Please consider supporting this initiative with a donation by clicking here.


Charles Jacobs and Avi Goldwasser

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