Palestinian Terrorist Organization Praises “Mapping Project”

Palestinian terrorist group issues press release commending the anti-Jewish “Mapping Project” and calls for the “exposing of supporters of the Zionist entity”

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) — a Palestinian terrorist organization responsible for many murders of Israelis and a famous spate of airplane hijackings in the 1970s — has issued a press release praising the work of the anti-Jewish “Mapping Project.”

The “Mapping Project” has assembled an interactive map of some 483 institutions and organizations within the state of Massachusetts it considers complicit in the “colonization of Palestine.” Some organizations’ addresses are published on the site.

The June 24 document states that the PFLP “values” and “highly appreciates” the “Mapping Project”’s efforts in creating “a new and qualitative addition to the campaigns to confront the Zionist entity.” It also “calls upon… all forces of solidarity with the Palestinian people in North America to launch such… creative initiatives.”

The “Mapping Project”’s work in doxing the addresses of major Boston-area Jewish organizations, the PFLP claims, is crucial to destroying “the racist colonial system in all of Palestine, from the river to the sea,” a well-known euphemism for the genocidal destruction of the Jewish state.

The document also refers to the doxed entities as “‘civilian’ Zionist organizations” — the use of quotation marks implying that they are legitimate targets of terrorism.

The Iranian-funded PFLP has been registered on the U.S. State Department’s Foreign Terrorist List since 1997, and was condemned along with Hamas, Hezbollah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad shortly after 9/11.

An English version of the PFLP’s press release.

As of this moment, Boston-area Jewish leaders are silent on this development.

Please send them a (polite) email with this information, asking them to call for the DOJ and FBI to investigate the “Mapping Project” for engaging in activities which have garnered the praise of a designated international terrorist organization.


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