From Berlin to Boston: Jews “Mapped”

Anti-Israel “Mapping Project” imitates Nazi strategy

An anti-Israel hate group called “The Mapping Project” has created an interactive map of many of the locations of 482 organizations which they classify as supporting the “colonization of Palestine” within Massachusetts.

Our goal in pursuing this collective mapping,” the group says, “was to reveal the local entities and networks that enact devastation, so we can dismantle them. Every entity has an address, every network can be disrupted.”

This is not the first time Jewish organizations or businesses have been targeted by mapping their locations.

In 1932, the rising Nazi Party created a similar map of Jewish businesses to attack and boycott. We know what happened next.

Please send this graphic and a (polite) message about this and similar threats to the community to the Jewish leaders and organizations, and tell them to declare an emergency. We are in a crisis. Put away all other activities. The fire alarm just rang.

Below is contact information for leaders and organizations in Massachusetts and nationally.


• Rabbi Marc Baker
President and CEO of CJP:
(617) 457-8500

• Robert Trestan
New England ADL Regional Director:
(617) 406-6300

• Jeremy Burton
Boston JCRC Executive Director:
(617) 457-8600


• Jewish Federation of North America:
(212) 284-6500

• Anti-Defamation League:
(212) 885-7700
Contact form

• American Jewish Committee:
(212) 751-4000
Contact form

• Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations:
(212) 318-6111

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