Feckless and Flaccid: Jewish Leaders Back Away from Threats

The so-called “Mapping Project”’s doxing hit-map of organizations which support the “colonization of Palestine” — meaning Jewish or supposedly pro-Israel organizations.

In response to a direct physical threat to Boston’s Jews, community leaders maintain delusional thinking

An organized threat to physically harm American Jews — in their synagogues, homes, and places of work — has Jewish “leaders” in denial and unable to act effectively.

An anti-Israel hate group called “The Mapping Project” has created an interactive map of many of the locations of 482 organizations — in other words, doxing — the activists classify as supporting the “colonization of Palestine” within Massachusetts. This is an improvement on the tools the Nazis used before Kristallnacht — much more efficient than drawing Jewish stars on houses and storefronts.

Watch the direct incitement to attack Jews which “The Mapping Project” is operationalizing:

“Our interactive map,” the group says, “illustrates some ways in which institutional support for the colonization of Palestine is structurally tied to policing and systemic white supremacy here where we live, and to US imperialist projects in other countries.”

The map lists many locations of Jewish organizations so that anti-Israel thugs can descend upon them, harass, and even physically attack the Jews who work there.

How did local Boston Jewish leaders respond?

The established Jewish community, Boston’s JCRC, ADL, and CJP (Boston Jewish’s “Federation”), described the threat in a message to the community, and then touted their own counter-strategy of attracting allies and doing outreach.

Here’s their action plan:

“We have the power to change things. It doesn’t take much to start a revolution of thought and spirit. It takes one person and then another. When it works, it’s a work of art.”

This is not only childishly delusional, but also an insult to the intelligence of community members.

Moreover, what the JCRC proudly calls their “allyship and outreach” has been almost exclusively with and to the left and Islamists, and it has done little to protect the community. It does, however, enable our feeble leaders to virtue signal.

Strong Jewish leaders would immediately contact the FBI, DOJ, state and local police, and demand an investigation of the “Mapping Project” for engaging in acts of domestic terrorism. They would send lawyers to sue the web hosting company for being complicit and enabling acts of terror.

Real Jewish leaders would simply not tolerate targeting Boston’s Jews for harassment and physical intimidation. They would take decisive actions, not issue empty pronouncements.

This is a tipping point — from hating to hitting. After years of mounting ideological attacks on Jewish peoplehood, those who have been incited against the only Jewish state — in the mainstream media, by the professoriate, in the high school curricula, in radical mosques, and in parts of the Democratic Party — are now told to strike.

Years of weak responses to attacks on Jews only encouraged more aggressive actions. It is becoming evident that Jewish lives do not matter, Jewish concerns do not matter — only virtue-signaling and building “allies” matters.

Our leaders must now stand up and lead. Enough with the fancy rhetoric. Tough actions are way overdue.  We cannot win playing defense.

Please tell the leaders of all three of these Jewish organizations that it’s time to declare a state of emergency; it’s time to go on the offense against those who seek to do us harm. Showing weakness with silly statements will only encourage them.

• Rabbi Marc Baker
President and CEO of CJP:
(617) 457-8500

• Robert Trestan
New England ADL Regional Director:
(617) 406-6300

• Jeremy Burton
Boston JCRC Executive Director:
(617) 457-8600

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