Iran Hacks Boston Children’s Hospital: Jewish Democrats Silent

Can Boston’s Jewish establishment protect the community and also remain loyal to the Biden administration’s Iran policy?

As reported by many outlets including The Algemeiner and CNN, FBI director Christopher Wray announced on June 1 that the Bureau suspects the Islamic Republic of Iran to have been behind a cyber-attack on Boston Children’s Hospital a year ago.

“…[I]n the summer of 2021, hackers sponsored by the Iranian government tried to conduct one of the most despicable cyberattacks I’ve seen — right here in Boston — when they decided to go after Boston Children’s Hospital,” Wray said at a press conference a Boston College yesterday. “Let me repeat that, Boston Children’s Hospital.”

Fortunately, Wray said that “Our folks got the hospital’s team the information they needed to stop the danger right away” and “protected both the [hospital’s] network and the sick kids who depend on it.”

This is a shocking revelation which, among other things, exposes a moral and political dilemma confronting the Jewish establishment: Leaders of Boston’s ADL, JCRC, and CJP must choose between their communal responsibilities and their ideological loyalty to President Biden.

How long can Jewish leadership be in denial of this ugly reality? What kind of disaster is required to persuade Boston’s Jewish leadership to reconsider its unshakable support for the Biden administration’s policy regarding the Iran nuclear deal and a general pro-Iranian foreign policy?

The latest news shows the Iran deal negotiations continue to falter, but the administration’s negotiators are fully committed to clinching an agreement — even as, according to the U.N., Iran now possesses enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear weapon to destroy Israel.

How natural would it be for Boston’s Jewish leaders to say to the Boston public: “The FBI just showed us that the rulers of Iran’s Islamic Republic are willing to attack a children’s hospital. How can any responsible American president allow these monsters a path to nuclear arms?”

But until the Jewish establishment lays aside its childish, utopian, universalist ideology, it will remain silent as the Democratic Party empowers the Islamofascists in Tehran.

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