An Indictment of Failed Jewish Leadership

A collection of 13 new essay in the White Rose magazine make the case against established Jewish leadership in America

This collection — unlike anything assembled before — includes essays by prominent Jewish writers and activists who analyze, detail, and condemn the abject failure of America’s Jewish leaders to protect the community at a time of growing hostility.

Among them are:

• Jonathan Tobin, “The ADL is Undermining the Battle Against Anti-Semitism”

• Thane Rosenbaum, “Where are Today’s Macabees?”

• Rebecca Sugar, “How Did we Get Here?”

• William Jacobson and Johanna Markind, “Playing Defense Not Working on  Campuses”

• Professor Richard Landes, “Moral Narcissism + The Psychology of Failure”

• Charles Jacobs and Avi Goldwasser, “The Jewish Community Cannot Survive Perfidy by its Leadership”

And more. Read them all here at the White Rose.

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