Chag Pesach Same’ach

At Passover, let us press for a better Jewish leadership in these daunting times…

It will be another “interesting” seder for world Jewry. Being careful with COVID while traipsing across the desert together.

As the world seeks treatments and cures for the corona/Wuhan pandemic, and as we all watch the brutal realities taking place in Ukraine, we are working on an effective community response to the epidemic of Jew-hatred.

Anti-Semitism is surging with physical attacks and blood libels. On almost every continent “the Jews” are being blamed for the virus. This comes atop the lies being spread like a virus by that combination of leftist anti-Zionists, Muslim Jew-haters, neo-Nazis, and Farrakhaners.

Years of neglect and misguided policies by mainstream Jewish leaders have failed to stop the surge of Jew-hatred in America.

And so we have launched an effort to challenge Jewish leadership, to press them to defend the community and stop their embrace of a politics which only harms us.

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