Jews Don’t Have Slaves, Jew-Haters Do

Mauritanian former slave women and their children — April 12, 2011. (Jemal Oumar / Wikipedia Commons)

Anti-Israel bigots accusing Israel of slavery do it to distract from real enslavement of blacks in the Islamic world

Israel-hating Presbyterian pastor Dr. J. Herbert Nelson II has accused Israel of visiting “21st century slavery” upon dark-skinned Palestinians.

This is among the most easily debunked claims about Israel ever made. No Israeli has ever captured, bought, sold, tortured, or forced any Arab to work.

Lies about Jewish involvement in slavery is a tactic used by black anti-Semites like Nelson, and Louis Farrakhan, to incite black Americans against Jews.

In fact, these defamations perform a double duty: they slander the Jews, but they also distract from the real slave masters of both the past and present — Israel’s Arab and Muslim enemies.

Across North Africa — in Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, and Sudan — Arab and Arabized Muslim populations breed, buy, own, and trade Nelson and Farrakhan’s fellow blacks as chattel slaves.

Because these bigots persist with their libels against Jews and Israel while ignoring this abomination, hundreds of thousands of black Africans linger in bondage without hope.

Read Charles Jacobs and Ben Poser’s new article in The Jerusalem Post here for more.

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