The ADL is Dividing America by Race When it Should Be Uniting it against Jew-Hatred

The ADL is re-racializing American society

In his new article in the April issue of Commentary magazine, Seth Mandel exposes how Jonathan Greenblatt’s ADL has sold out Jews to pander to the racially woke left.

In the aftermath of the Whoopi Goldberg incident, it was discovered that the ADL had re-defined racism to mean hatred of and discrimination against only non-white people, in order to “reflect that racism in the United States manifests in broader and systemic ways and to explicitly acknowledge the targeting of people of color.”

This dangerous re-definition only invites and encourages bigotry against Jews and demonization of Israel under the cover of Jews being “white.”

This is a short-term shanda and a long-term catastrophe, which puts a target on Jews’ backs in an increasingly divided society.

As Mandel writes, “The reason that America became a blessing for the Jews was that it erected barriers to the kind of racial and ethnic tribalism that always ends badly for us. Brick by brick, adherents of the new woke religion are dismantling those barriers, with the blessing and the active cooperation of the Anti-Defamation League.”

Perhaps the ADL should discard the “anti” from its name and simply become the “Defamation League.” Or, for actually lending ammunition to the Jew-haters’ charge that Jews — like all other whites — are particularly responsible for the sufferings of non-white people, should we call it the “Jewish Anti-Jewish League”?

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