New ADL “Report” Cooks the Books: Covers Up for Black Anti-Semitism

The ADL’s 2021 “Murder and Extremism in the United States” report covers up for anti-Semitism from the Nation of Islam, Muslims, and other “non-traditional” sources

Note: This analysis is based almost entirely on the ZOA’s deft and courageous unmasking of the ADL’s purposely deceptive “report” on Jew-hatred published in The Jerusalem Post.

The ADL, the “defense department” of American Jewry, is caught here red handed, misleading the Jews and the public for political and ideological purposes:

In an act of cowardice surprising to no one, the ADL’s latest report on “Murder and Extremism in the United States” falsely elevates the threat from “white supremacists” while playing down the threat from non-white Jew-haters.

“White supremacists killed more people in 2021 than any other type of extremist,” the report says, and “most of the murders (26 of 29) were committed by right-wing extremists.”

This is completely misleading. The report ignores the worst terrorist attack of 2021: anti-Semitic black supremacist and Nation of Islam sympathizer Darrel Brooks’ vehicular rampage in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on November 21. Brooks, deliberately targeting white people, drove his SUV through a pre-Christmas parade, hitting 68 people and killing six, including an eight-year-old child.

What’s more, it is black supremacist — not white supremacist — anti-Semites who are largely responsible for the meteoric rise in attacks on Orthodox Jewish communities in New York. According to the NYPD, hate crimes against Jews in New York have risen 409% between February of 2021 and February of 2022. When surveillance images of the attacks exist, the perpetrators are very often black, or, in cases from just after Israel’s war with Hamas in May of last year, largely Muslim. More examples (such as hereherehere, and here) are not difficult to find.

Trio Wanted for Antisemitic Attack on Jewish Teens | NBC New York


Orthodox Jewish Man Attacked In Brooklyn

The ADL’s report chose to focus on only 29 of the 21,570 murders across America in 2021. It drums up the danger of white supremacist gangs while anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter, responsible for many murders of police officers, is never mentioned.

This not what the ADL should be doing. The ADL is a disgraced, utterly politicized organization, actively covering up anti-Semitism coming from “politically incorrect” sources in order to serve its leftist agenda.

The Jewish community is under siege from all sides, yet the ADL chooses to continue with politics as usual.

For more about this report, read Mort Klein and Liz Berney’s excellent Jerusalem Post op-ed here.

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